Full-Service Alterations

“Revamping your existing wardrobe is always less expensive than buying new.”

Years of experience, attention to detail and imagination combine to allow me to make a complete range of alterations to all types of clothing – even those made from hard to handle fabric. Whether you would like to update your wardrobe for a more modern look, your body size has changed, or you need adjustments to a something new purchased for a special occasion, I would be happy to assist you.

Revamping your existing wardrobe is always less expensive than buying new.

Shopping online can also provide considerable savings. Just be sure to consult the shopping site size charts and buy the correct size. If unsure of your size, buy according to your largest measurement and have other areas altered to fit. Ladies with larger bra cup sizes may run into difficulty with this in certain styles, ending up with necklines and shoulder widths that are much too large for effective alteration. If you need help with choosing suitable styles or sizes, please give me a call, and I would be glad to help.

Cost of Alterations

Alteration prices can vary greatly depending on the way the garment is constructed. Clothing made from delicate materials may need special techniques for an appropriate alteration. Fancy details and embellishments may require extra time for removal and replacement if they are in the way of the alteration. There is an extra charge for lined garments.

I will not be able to give you an exact quotation for alteration work over the phone or by email. Once I see your garment, a final price will be quoted before any work is started.


Wedding Gown & Formal Wear Alterations

Wedding gown alterations are my specialty and are one of my favourite garments to work on. If you have purchased your dress from a bridal shop, a consignment shop or online, at Expert Alterations I look for creative solutions to any issues that you have with the fit of your gown. I want your dress to be as perfect as possible for your special day.


If your dress is too large, side seams can be taken in, darts can be added or the whole bust area can be reworked.

If your dress is too small, the side seams can be let out if there is enough fabric there, fabric can often be added and camouflaged with matching lace, or we can add a corset back.

Wedding gowns with trains usually require some means of bustling to hold the train up for dancing. There are many styles of bustles falling into two main categories – American or outside bustles and French or inside bustles. The choice is yours but we can help with suggestions that will work best for the style of your dress.

Other alterations that we commonly do are hems of course in addition to restyling of gowns by adding straps or sleeves, changing the shape of the neckline, adding pockets to the sides of full dresses, inserting bra cups and adding sheer inserts in necklines that may plunge too low.