How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress Style

“A custom-made wedding dress can be an amazing choice for a bride. “

A custom-made wedding dress can be an amazing choice for a bride. Your special gown can reflect your unique personality and match your chosen venue and style of wedding. Often your vision of the perfect wedding dress will not be available in ready to wear. Perhaps you would like your gown to have a little colour or you would like a style that is not currently among the most popular. When you work with a custom bridal designer, you can create a gown that not only fulfills your vision but also flatters your particular figure and is comfortable to wear throughout your special day.

Step 1: What Body Type Are You?

Most of us are never satisfied with our body shapes. We always wish that we looked slimmer or not so skinny, taller or shorter. We want a smaller bust line or a bigger bra size, smaller hips or a bigger bottom. Just before your wedding is a really bad time to dwell on these perceived flaws. Every bride is beautiful in her own unique way and it is possible to enhance your figure assets and play down those areas that you are not so happy with by choosing a wedding dress that suits your particular body type.
There are six different women’s body shapes and most of us have a figure that is close to one of these shapes.


Triangle or Pear

Defined waist with hips wider than bust and shoulders.

Often has short legs with full thighs.


Inverted Triangle

Wide shoulders, large bust, narrow hips and thin legs with a flat seat.

Any extra pounds usually are in the abdomen, chest and face.



Small – medium bust line with thin arms and legs.

Usually hips are the same width as the waist and seat is flat.



A curvy body with a defined waist and hips that are the same size as the bust.



This body has an overall round appearance especially at the waist.

The stomach is large, the hips wide with full upper thighs.

The seat may be full or flat.



A body which is full at the waist only with comparatively slim shoulders and hips.

Step 2: Learn About Different Wedding Dress Styles Or Silhouettes - Which Is Best For You?

Here are some rough sketches of five of the most common wedding dress silhouettes. Of course, there are endless variations on these with different necklines, sleeves or sleeveless, various lengths, trains or no trains. However, there will always be one or two of these basic styles that will be more flattering for each individual bride.


A-Line Style

This is the most forgiving of all silhouettes and can be worn by all figure types.


Mermaid Style

Best for triangle and hourglass figures.


Ballgown Style

A good choice for triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle and hourglass body types.

Sheath Style

Hourglass and rectangle figure types would be wise to consider this style.


Empire Style

Also a good choice for any figure type.

For additional information about popular wedding dress silhouettes as well as who can wear different styles check out this blog post from Bridal Guide.  Great photos!    Click Here

Step 3: Try On Wedding Dresses

Whether you will be buying your dress at a bridal salon or having your special gown custom made, the next step is to try on actual wedding dresses in the silhouettes that work for your body type. This is the only way you can know for sure which dresses will look the best. Variations, in colour, shape of necklines, style of sleeves, length of train etc. all have a bearing on whether a gown is suitable for your unique shape.
Take photos if you can, make notes and match your favourites with pictures from bridal magazines to help you in making your final decision on the wedding dress that is just right for you.

Step 4: Make a Decision on the Perfect Wedding Dress For You

A Custom-Made Wedding Dress

  • you have tried on the dresses and have a pretty good idea of what you would like
  • you just can’t seem to find the perfect combination of dress features in any one gown
  • perhaps you are a petite bride or a plus size bride and you are nervous about ordering an expensive gown when you can’t even try it on in a size that is close to fitting you
  • time to make an appointment for a consultation with a custom bridal designer
  • when you come to my studio, we will sit down together and go over your pictures and ideas, discuss your fitting issues, look at sketches for a gown and make a plan to work together to finish a perfect wedding dress for you


Make a Custom Consultation Appointment

An Off-The-Rack Wedding Dress


  • choose a few of your favourites from the wedding dresses you have tried on
  • make appointments at the bridal salons to try the dresses once more
  • when you order your dress, ask for an estimate for the alterations that will probably be necessary for your gown – salon staff should have a pretty clear idea of what will be necessary
  • make sure that you understand the charges involved for any customization of your dress like extra length or additional lace
  • please consider Expert Alterations for your alterations – our pricing is very competitive and your work will be done by someone who has over 30 years of experience in bridal alterations


Make an Alterations Appointment